RiVi ( リヴィ )とは…
イタリア語の Risata ( 笑い声 ) と Vita ( 人生 ) とを掛け合わせた造語… la Vita con Risate ( 笑い声のある人生 )

料理とは、人類が火を手にし、料理という概念が生まれてから 今日までの途方もない時間を経て築き上げられた記憶と考えます。

生まれ育った日本の文化を重んじ、憧れ培った西洋文化への敬意を交え、 記憶を紡ぐ料理。

どこか人々の琴線に触れ、遊び心溢れるレストランで悦びを感じ幸せを分かち合い、 皆様の記憶に触れれるおもてなしを演出します。


“RiVi” is…
a blend of the Italian words of “risata” and “vita”, which mean “laughter” and “life”.
As it is said, “la vita con risate”, we believe that a life with laughter is worth living for.

A cuisine is a memory of what we have created since human beings built the first fire and creating the concept of cooking food.

It is through innumerable encounters of traditions and revolutions of which we witnessed and felt that inspires us.

Here, we present you our cuisine of originality crafted through the inspiration of our very own Japanese culture and admiration to the Western culture.

Allow us to serve you through our undying Omotenashi, a warm heartfelt hospitality beyond happiness.

We hope this experience brings you to another chapter of laughter in life.

コース\ 8,000(税サ込)(ランチのみ)
ワインペアリング3種~ \4,000(税サ込)~




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